Plone conference – No ICT without mineral extraction

Édition 2022

jeudi 13 octobre 09:15 – 10:00

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Mining/extraction of mineral resources (for ICT and other usages) logically involves geological, technological and engineering concerns. However, it also deals with numerous other essential aspects, although less discussed by medias/citizen/experts, such as economy (“circular economy”), sociology (“social acceptability” or “perception of mining by the citizen”), ethics (“artisanal mining”), geopolitics (“strategic/critical commodities”, “national strategies”), environment (“waste”, “post-mining”), teaching (including popularization), land management (zones dedicated to extraction), philosophy (“needs” of ICT for Humans), history (current impacts of former supplies), law (how to legislate/regulate?)… With their experience in various countries/projects, Johan Yans will expose some of these aspects, with a particular focus on the supply of geological resources for ICT needs. Olivier Vergeynst will then introduce the basics of Sustainable IT, highlighting some best practices to start reducing your impact as ICT professional or as simple user of digital devices and services. En plus des keynotes, il y a près de 40 conférences en anglais et une série complète de conférences en français !

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Place d'Armes 1, 5000 Namur (Itinéraire)

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