Green Tech Film Festival

Édition 2021

mardi 26 octobre 19:00 – 23:30

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Evénement en anglais! Co-organised by the Greens/EFA, Point M.I.R and the Kinograph, the first edition of the Green Tech Film Festival is coming to Brussels. As part of the Green Tech Film Festival, four groundbreaking documentaries will be screened over two days at the Kinograph. The documentaries will all reveal, in their own way, the dark side of the electronics industry. We invite you to investigate the fatal environmental and health repercussions of our technology. Take a journey to the heart of datacenters that operate day and night. Look behind the scenes at Europe’s largest landfill in Africa. Find out who are the losers of the digital revolution. Join us, as we ask: how do we manage metal resources on a global scale? What are « blood minerals »? Why does the system push us to produce and throw away more and more? Can we rely on the European recycling system? Is the battle against the waste floating in our oceans already lost? Are we in “the era of extractivism”? Movies: Welcome to Sodom – directed by Florian Weigensamer and Christian Krönes Complicit – directed by Heather White and Lynn Zhang Death by Design – directed by Sue Williams Behind the Screen – directed by Stefan Baumgartner Special guests: Florian Weigensamer – Director of Sodom Stefan Baumgartner – Director Behind screen Olivier Vergeynst – Director – Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT Nele Meyer – Senior Executive Officer at Amnesty International Jean-Pierre Schweitzer – Policy Officer at the European Environment Bureau Géraldine Duquenne – Policy officer at Justice et Paix Programme Monday 25th October 19:00 Welcome by MEP David Cormand 19:10 Projection of the movie “COMPLICIT” (90’) 20:50 Short discussion with Director Stefan Baumgartner and projection of his movie „BEHIND THE SCREEN“ (60′) 21:55 Short discussion with Olivier Vergeynst (Director – Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT), Nele Meyer (Senior Executive Officer at Amnesty International), MEPs Anna Cavazzini and David Cormand + questions from the audience 22:20 Conclusion 22:30 Cocktail 23:00 End Tuesday 26th October 19:00 Welcome by MEP Sara Mathieu 19:10 Projection of the movie “DEATH BY DESIGN“ (60’) 20:10 Introduction and projection of the movie “WELCOME TO SODOM” (92’) 21:50 Short discussion with Jean-Pierre Schweitzer (Policy Officer at the European Environment Bureau), Géraldine Duquenne (Policy officer at Justice et Paix) and MEP Sara Mathieu + questions from the audience 22:15 Conclusion 22:30 Cocktail 00:00 End Venue Kinograph – Avenue de la Couronne, 227 – 1050 Ixelles – Belgium

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Avenue de la Couronne 227, 1050 Ixelles (Itinéraire)

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Co-organizers: Greens/EFA in the European Parliament: MIR : Kinograph:

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